Dry Stream Of Landscape Design With Your Hands

Сухой ручей своими руками на дачном участке: все про устройство «каменной речки»What kind of decoration techniques don't use designers to transform the usual landing areas into fairytale corners for full recreation. The dry stream is one of the most popular modern landscape design tools with no single drop of water, but only rocks that simulate the rocks of the swelling mouth. The main advantage of this " Pican " design element is that by deciding to create a dry stream with its hands on the garden, the implementation of the idea does not require significant material costs.

The pervasive element of decoration originates from the solar Japan. In the country of the rising sun, the poem of the water is associated with purity and the thirst of life, and the glitch is a symbol of the speed of time. Dry streams, which are very popular in Japanese gardens, are necessarily present at sites where water for any reason cannot be used as an element landscape design♪ The dry stream in the garden, as a simulation of this poem, gives the impression that the water in the direction of the source is dry, and the first drops of the rain will fill it with a new living water.

Some of the main advantages of this basic landscape design are:

  • The ability to create a dry stream with its own hands without imposing special efforts and significant financial costs.
  • Rapid: The choice of the place, the symbol of the rubber and the stoning of it takes two or three days.
  • Simplicity in care, which is limited only to the maintenance of the shape of the merchandise and the removal of the weeds. While the care of the water stream involves timely cleaning of limestone sediments and algae.
  • Dry mouths are not limited to vegetables. Whereas for landing in natural water bodies, choices are limited to moisture colours and plants.
  • Safe for little kids. In addition, dry streams, unlike natural water bodies, do not encounter mosquitoes causing so much inconvenience to rest.

Dry rubber is not required to purchase expensive compressors, water supply and purification systems that are necessary attribution of natural water bodies.

The graphic planning of the dry-piece melting will help to absorb the disadvantages of the terrain. A shiny streaming pen is visually deepening the space by making a bright little garden a little big.

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