Dry Stream In Landscape Design With Your Hands

сухой ручейLook at this dry stream:

Imped by all the rules, he's giving the impression of a real, matttressed nature, isn't he? It seems like there's been a very recent screaming clean water here, and literally a few days ago, dry. It's like a very small rain, and a dry stream revives, returns to life, generosizing the living water. But even without water, he works on people very calmly, I would say magic.

сухой ручейThe coming from the rising sun, the dry stream, is one of the main elements of the camenist garden, its raisin, the symbol of the water, which means continuous movement. The thing is, in the East, water, or in extreme cases, its imitation must be in the garden, without it, its design is considered unfinished. That is why the dry stream serves, so to speak, a " handwritten " , successfully simulating water where it is not possible to create a real water.

Dry pen advantages

The dry stream is perfect in the design of any garden, not only by highlighting the landscape, but also by successfully supplementing it. In addition, he would be very good at the role of drainage, demanding much less money, power and labour, than a device of a real pen. Another, just a huge advantage of it is that, unlike ordinary streams and water bodies, dry streams can be arranged anywhere: in the elevations and invades, in the shadows and in the sun, choose for yourself.

It's only a few days to build an artificial stream and make it effective, and you'll be able to choose a place for the rust device, mark the stream and fill it carefully with pre-selected stones. You'll have to spend another day planting plants around improvised water. At the same time, a normal water supply will require a non-inch force from you: lowering the relay, leveling the landscape, deepening the ground... Agree to do all these manipulations on your own, which means you have to use the services. landscape designers or, at least, ordinary workers. This again implies extra time and financial costs.

Another indisputable advantage of the dry handle is simplicity in the care: it does not need to change water, put different pumps, compressors and filters in order to prevent a stubborn water. There is no need to develop a complex system of water supply and purification, to purchase a specially expensive film to wipe the bottom. There will never be any algae that brings a lot of cotton to the owners of water bodies, and the water itself will never waste an unpleasant smell that, believe me, is not rare in artificial waters.

сухой ручей сухой ручей растения для сухого сада сухое озеро

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