How To Make Landscape Design With Your Hands

Landscape Design.
Your garden section is yours.
Total 3 months

I'm aware of the training and internship of a private landscape designer.
At the end of the course, you can continue your training and become a landscape designer!

Early date of commencement

Level of training: Ljubian.
Major audience: garden owners who want to do the garden with their hands, future landscape design customers.
Lecturer: Yasinski Wanda Vladislavna, Chernobrov Olga Borisovna, Kozlov Elena Fedorovna.

Do you have your own garden? Do you like flowers? Do you want your land area to be beautiful, comfortable, comfortable for rest and life? On course, we'll tell you how you can do it yourself. Come!

If you look at our program, you'll understand how many functional and decorational elements your garden has and how much diversity of possible solutions. And among all the diversity, the unique and individual version of the draft is your garden. In our class, you'll know how to do it. garden design with your hands. Through all phases of the construction of the project, from zoning to the organization of the road traction network and the location on the landing plan, you will then be able to pick up win-win style solutions for your garden and to form decorative combinations that can make the garden truly magnificent.

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