Landscape Design With Hands For Starters

Ландшафтный дизайн своими руками: этапы создания

Creating a stylish and beautiful garden in your own precinct is the dream of many. This book will open a magical design world to you, help you create your own inexorable composions, playing with flowers, shapes, textures, moods, seasons and images. The author's secrets of the famous Tatyana Shikanian designer will help you sniff into the magical world of flowers!
You are expected to have projects of fifteen orchards that are perfectly suited to Russian climatic conditions, projects of the 12 smallest architectural forms that are most claimed - interviews, benches, barbecue, children ' s sites and others - all of which are detailed and illustrated. You'll meet different types of water structures and learn how to pick up a plant variety for local conditions.
You will know how to properly assess the potential of your site and choose the ideal option of how to combine the functionality of the various garden elements with decoration tasks, find a suitable solution for your garden and get a full picture of the technology of its creation, the necessary materials, and how to fit each element into a common concept.

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