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The creation of a little prank on your precinct will make a good difference in garden cotton. Thanks to the water, you can plant new unusual plants. Well, it's about how your precinct will be transformed after it's got a bit of water poem, you don't even have to talk!

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Organize ponds. with your hands. Not hard. Hold these councils, and you'll be able to...

1. Before proceeding to the creation of a watermelon, its location must be properly established. The perfect place will be located at the lowest point of the site, but it shall be well publicized throughout the day.Искусство и ремесло It is undesirable that large trees are growing around, because the depressed foliars or swaves will pollute water, and the powerful undeclared roots may damage the hydrosulation of the pond.

2. The shape of a watermelon depends only on your fantasy, in principle it can be any: having clear geometric contours or free shapes. But the depth of the pond must be at least 45 cm. If you're planning to start fishing or plant nymphesy, you'll make it even deeper, between 75 and 100 cm. You don't have to dig deeper, because the water won't heat, and the nymphes can't start. Don't be afraid that the winter pond will be frozen because even in the strongest Russian freeze, the ice thickness does not exceed 50 cm.

Деревянные садовые дорожкиWooden gardens

3. The walls of the boiler need to be carefully processed - remove the roots of trees and sharp stones. A sand pillow should be put on the bottom with a thickness of 10 cm, and it should be well forgotten.

4. The more hydrosulated boiler, the longer your pond will be. The simplest option is to buy a ready hard form that is sold in virtually all gardens. Such a form should be purchased with attention to material. A cheap plastic under the sun's beams is very fast. Forms from reinforced plastics, glassplastics or glass fibres are solid and serve for a long time. The lack of ready-made ponds is the shape, size and depth constraints.

Маленький прудA more " flexible " solution to make a pond of any configuration is a qualification that sufficiently vents the captive hydrosulation material. The ordinary garden polyethylene film (usually 2 layers) serves about 2 to 3 years, black (not afraid of ultraviolet) for a year longer. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape is sufficiently strong and flexible, its service life up to 15 years. If you have the means to hydrolyse, use a bottlecupacic rubber, solid material that keeps its characteristics for 30 years.

Whatever material you're using, you'll have to leave a 50 cm at each end for a secure record.

Маленький пруд Маленький пруд Маленький пруд Маленький пруд

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