Landshaft Section Design With His Hands

гладиолусы картинкиLandscape design with its hands - Gladyolus. In order to create a gladiolus garden, the gladiarios take round shapes of different diameters, and necessarily close to the road. Several circles need to be combined with one common lawn that will serve as a background for them.
Prior to the landing of gladiolus, they land on the lawn, and at the bottom of the autumn or early spring, plant the early blooms one and two-year flowers.

Good gladiollus is also combined with other grassland plants, such as tulips or narcisss.

It's not even a combination of words, but they're gonna steal or supplement the gladulerian clumbing because they're flowing at different times.

Gladiolus Production

гладиолусы фотоGladyolus is just a multitude of colors and varieties. And thanks to the high string of plants, the bright green narrow leaves will welcome you even at the end of the flower.

If your purpose is Coldium growing flowers For cuts, there is a need to grow by rows, because plants themselves will create additional support for each other, and it will be easier for you to build them a backbone. Simply put it, you can easily create an undetected plant trail. If your purpose is, Landscape design, plant the plants along the fence or fence, which you will provide the gladioloss with an additional foothold.

Blower on gladiollus.

What needs to be known to a new cheerleader who grows this wonderful flower. Flowers who choose to grow these plants need to be planted at the earliest possible time with sufficient resistance to disease-tested time and adapted to local climatic conditions.
Otherwise, at the very beginning, you may fail, all new things are complicated, experience, skills and knowledge for the successful development of gladiolus may not be enough for you, and failure will, for a long time, eliminate the hunting of gladiolus. But even in this case, you don't have to put your hands down and get off, it didn't work for everyone.

Later, when you get some experience, you can include in your collection less viable but very beautiful varieties and grow them without special effort.
The colouring time of gladiolus, like other flowers, is divided into early, medium and medium classes. Example distribution of gladiolus as a percentage for landing:

  • The average of the early and medium classes of gladiolus on the site shall be up to 80 per cent;
  • Later varieties of gladiolus shall not exceed 15 to 25 per cent.

Dimensions of tuberculos for planting

Acquisition is required for the landing of young bulbs with a diameter of 2, 5-3, 5 cm, with a height of 1/4 diameter, and the size of the bottom does not exceed a two-cope coin.

гладиолусы фото цветок гладиолус луковица гладиолуса фото гладиолусы картинки

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