Landscape Design On Section 6 Of The Flow

A small area of land is not a reason for serious restrictions on gardening. And yet, in the design of 6 numerals (or less) there's some kind of subtle. We will see what needs to be taken into account when choosing plants for a small area.

Basic planning design of a small section - to think for the future and to consider how large and high the plant will be after many years. It's no less important to "do not part" with landings: if you don't wait to fill the distance between the flowers on the clumb, you better seal the soil with the decorative mulch.

Trees and handicraftsmen on a small precinct: How do you choose?

It's sometimes hard to stop the choice of one thing among tree diversity. But if the area of your section is 6 or less, the circle is significantly narrowing. We list the main points that need to be addressed by planning landing on a small site.

деревья на участкеPlant height. Insufficient light and space make trees grow even stronger to access vital resources.

So, pine, oak or trees can grow up to 50 m high, bereza to 45 m, lipa to 40 m. The Western love of many is not an exception; its height may be 20 m.

Take into account the proximity of the transmission lines: it is better to plant pistols or low trees.

In view of the fact that high trees need to be regularly cut: the first procedure is two to three years after the tree is planted.

Cron diameter. This is not less important: if not considering the extent to which the crown is growing even a low-lying tree, it may in the future close the passage between the trees. It'll be a problem if the trees are planted along the garden tracks.

корни деревьевAs handicraftsmen, because of the characteristics of the building, often larger in diameter than the tree stem, they are also not recommended to be planted near the garden tracks. The badly planted artisanal can be used as a living garden.

Raising roots. The diameter of the root system is generally equal to the diameter of the tree crown. If the seedling does not provide sufficient space for it, the higher roots may prevent the growth of neighbouring plants: the real struggle for survival will begin.

As for the artisanal, consider that some time later they'll be giving an inner growl. The polarization of the blind, the spill and the needle are particularly active. Timely remove unnecessary escapes.

This is an indicative plan for the required number of trees and handicrafts on the site, indicating their area:

Name of plant

Number of bites / trees

Area occupied, square metres

Red Smord
Black Smordin12
тенистый сад, затененность сомасштабность, клумба

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