Landscape Design Of Section 8 Of The House

Ландшафтный дизайн участка 8 соток с домом фото и видео

This is one of the few proposals when a house with a section is located in Moscow and is a huge 4th level mansion with a total area of more than 1,250 square metres with a pool and a gym. The house itself is built entirely from a brick with bricks. All the walls are stitched inside and outside, glazing in all the rooms, the basement of the fbs blocks, the roof of the metal nozzle. A full house was recently completed. This housing will be very suitable for a family or corporate hotel. Three bedrooms on the second and five bedrooms on the third floor, three toilets and a shower. Big swimming pool and winter, including. The wine, the tea, the beer, the billar, the sauna in the cap, the big halls, the fire library on the floor. Which touches the site itself, it's fenced from all sides of the deaf fence, landscape design and flowers all over the perimeter, trees and fruits, berry bushers, the clouds are burning the whole budminton or tennis game. Two heaters, a separate barbecue zone and a summer kitchen vacation. A separate house with all the conveniences for service personnel, a security house at the entrance, a dog voir. The precinct itself may be used to build another house or taunhouse. House planning: in the zocol-sawn(10), billiard(30), beer and wine cellar(36.5), kettle(20), massage room(42), 2 storage room(27 and 3), laundry room(17, 5), sanusles(2x1.7). 1-text (26-55) 2-e. 3 bedrooms (32-23-16), 2 bathrooms (2x11), wardrobe rooms(18), library(35), balcony(5). 3-e. 5 bedrooms (13-13-18-25-13), 2 bathrooms (7-9.5), harbor rooms (2x7), loll with balcony(16), open balcony(25). Lot 64905

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