Landscape Design Of Garden Section 4 Of The Photos


There are a lot of interesting designs in the design of small gardens. Visual border increases are often the main objective of such sites. And there are ways to achieve that effect. The use of vibrant lines in small garden design always transforms them. And if these lines go a little into the diagonal of the site, he's "having" and getting another person.

That's what the planning solution was for this site. The vibrant dynamic line of the lawn underlines the low back wall from the natural stone.


A favoured small space reception is the creation of counterfeit walls. It's a little bit of a break and a step in any garden that makes it interesting and effective. Using the dry lining method in the construction of the back walls, it may be interesting to process their plants. In the cheeks between the rocks, plant various soils: young, reading, stone breaks. In our case, a nail of herbs has been very well designed to shape the back walls. It's very quick to create thick chickens, which in June are covered by a vivid cloud of prosperity.


Another unusual technique to create the depth of space is garden illusions. Okay, our little precinct ends with a decorative bar with a big poster on which the lawn with flowers is portrayed.дизайн проект маленького участка The cadre is under way to supplement and visually expand the actual garden. The squid line of the lawn is moving into a gas lawn with flowermen. A garden mirror is often used for these purposes.

Actively use in small chamber gardens forever green plants. Except for the traditional havoc, there are a lot of adorable herbal plants that keep leaves all year, such as barbin, flox silovis, the Bieberstein lizard. Such plants even in intersex make the garden attractive!


Sad compounds filled with space, as has already been said, should be as beautiful and hidden as possible. Distances that quickly lose decorativeity and are unstable should be removed immediately from their list and not used for small gardens.

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